The black silkie has been around for a long time ,but even though an older color they still look pretty neat. The paint silkie is one of the newest varieties recognized  and they are very flashy with there black spots on there white under color. They to also make for great backyard birds and lay consistently through the year. They are a fun bird to keep around for sure.

Partridge Silkies

​Black and Paint Silkies

The partridge silkie is one of the newer varieties to be accepted into the American Poultry Association. The partridge silkie is one of the most beautiful varieties of silkie in my opinion. I like the color contrast in there feathering. They also make great pets or backyard flock chickens. The silkie lays pretty consitantly all year. They have curious personality and are goofy chickens we like to keep around.

Strolling Chickens