The light brahma is one of my favorites personally. They have a great personality and are very big. Our light brahmas come from various breeders exhibition lines. We are proud to get to raise these gentle giants. The light brahma was one of the very first varieties of brahma to get accepted into the American Poultry Association's Standard Of Perfection.​ One of my favorite qualities about these birds besides there size is there clean coloring.

Partridge Brahmas

The partridge brahma was created by crossing dark brahmas with buff brahmas. The partridge brahma is not an accepted variety of the American Poultry Association. We hope one day this truly striking variety will be accepted. This variety of brahma is one of our favorites. They are great layers and have lots of color contact us to add some color to your flock.

Light Brahmas

The light brahma bantam is a exhibtion bird ,but also do well in backyard flocks. They have quite the personality and are fairly docile. We raise these birds ,because we like the light brahma variety so much.

Light Brahma Bantam

Strolling Chickens

This photo was taken by Robert Anderson

Our Light Brahma Bantam Stock is out of his